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Independent Dance Artist


I am Pragati. I am an Independent Dance Artist from India. I am Passionate about Dance and dance is a part of my personality. I choreographer of my all Dance videos.

My Childhood and Dance Connection-
I started dancing at the age of 4. I had given my first stage performance at the age of 5 where I had received lots of compliments and round of applause and somewhere that got stuck into me and I fell in love with dance, specially performing on stage before live audience.

I am a complete stage person, I am the person who feels secure and comfortable to give dance performances in front of thousands of people but feel shy to share her feelings even before a single person.


My Studies and my Dance-
So during my school time I was highly active in my dance activities but never allowed it to disturb my studies. I was quite good at study. I balanced them very well. I believe I am a good multitasker and my productivity increases when I do multitasking. My roots belong to highly educated family. So there was always a pressure to perform good and I was fine with that as I too wanted to excel in my studies. I am  Masters in Pharmacy, specialize in Pharmaceutical Technology. I got my Masters Degree with distinction. But Dance, it was and is my personal thing. I have never ever discussed my dance details with anyone, its purely and only my thing. I dance not only from my body but from my soul. I only perform on those tracks in which I invest my soul.


I always believed in destiny, while I was working very hard on my Dissertation and was studying hard to get Masters Degree, somewhere I knew that I am gonna make Dance as my career priority but how? that I have never thought as I believed that my destiny will somehow pull me over there. I was giving Dance performances till my M. Pharm. Time passed and soon I found myself working in a Healthcare company and I lost all connections with my dance. Now I was a Job Professional fulfilling my professional responsibilities.




Initially I used to dance after returning from my job but soon I started getting absorbed by my high end demanding job and started loosing touch with my dance. Then I realise it has been two years since I have given my solo stage performance. I started missing all the applause, all of the compliments. I was missing how people used to come to me after my performance and complimented me how much they have enjoyed my performance, how much they are inspired by me, how much they are waiting for my next performance, that used to give me adrenaline rush.


One night I was just thinking these random events of my Dance life and I realised that this is never gonna happen again in my life if I sit idle and that made me so scared and I felt extremely sad about this. I realized that I am waiting for right time but there is no right or wrong time, you have to convert any time to right time by your hard work, dedication and persistence. And then I started my second innings to become a Professional Dance Artist. Now I am here to you all as LA FONCEUR - The Independent Dance Artist, trying every day and workingvery hard to achieve my goals. So I invite you all to come and join my Dance Dopeness and become a part of my Dance Journey :)

La Fonceur

Dance Artist



If you are an Artist whether a music artist or dance Artist or music producer or a company or a Brand and want to work with me then you are more than welcome. Just contact me through the below Contact form. I would love to collaborate with you.

Let's work together and create something Original & Unique

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